Alcoholic Beverage Cretan Tsikoudia

ByRaki flavor and Recycling

Eco-conscience must become a way of life whether on a personal or professional level. ByRaki flavor strives to grow and improve in every field on a daily basis.

ByRaki flavor products are ALL glazed in glass packaging, with an aluminum lid and paper label. After consuming the Cretan Tsikoudia – Raki or your favorite ByRaki flavor you can either reuse the glass bottle or promote it to the recycling bins. The aluminum lid can also be reused, either in recycling bins or in metal recycling bins.

ByRaki flavor in partnership with local businesses aims to create packaging for reuse. In 2017, in collaboration with Boukaraki, the ByRaki flavor limited edition was designed and presented. The packaging is glass and exterior knit reed. The reed protects the bottle from damage, resulting in a longer shelf life. At the same time the lining maintains a constant temperature in the contents with to avoid the use of cooling devices and therefore electricity.

Consumers who wish to re-use the packaging or move it to blue recycling bins have the option of purchasing ByRaki products from our site at a 5% discount on the return of the glass packaging.

ByRaki flavor team

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