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ByRaki flavor Strawberry

ByRaki flavor team has created twenty-five different (25) recipes based on Raki – Tsikoudia Crete. The two recipes are Cretan Raki – Tsikoudia with Strawberry. The tension of alkohol is one of the key elements that make it different. The alcohol content is 16% and 25% vol alc.

ByRaki flavor Strawberry XVI

ByRaki flavor Strawberry XVI 16% is a light liqueur. In both, sugars and alcohol, leaves us with a different sense of enjoyment. In this recipe we will not feel the tension of Tsikoudia and at the same time enjoy the taste of strawberry.

The ways we can enjoy it are, in a glass of liqueur or in a glass of wine tasting. The recommended temperature is 4 – 6 or 15 – 25 degrees, without ice. At 4-6 we will feel less intensity tsikoudia and more flavor while at 15 – 25 there would be a balance. We can also have a nice result if we add it to pastry sweets.

ByRaki flavor Strawberry XXV

ByRaki flavor Strawberry XXV 25% vol alc is in the drink and liqueur category. Here the combination of Tsikoudia with Strawberry flavor gives us the possibility of different ways of enjoyment.

The recommended temperature is 4 – 6 or 15 – 25 degrees. When the temperature is low, we enjoy it without ice, in this case we will not feel the tension of the tsikoudia.

The ideal temperature is 15 – 25 degrees to enjoy the balance of the recipe. At this temperature we can add ice or crushed ice.

The glasses we can use are:
– Low or High,
– Champagne,
– Tasting,
– Chiller and
– Martini

At ByRaki flavor Strawberry XXV we can add some carbonated beverage or some energy drink. It is also possible to use it as a base or as a secondary cocktail.

Ideal tasting suggestions for enjoying your ByRaki flavor Strawberry are:
– Cheeses,
– Sausages,
– Red meat,
– Nuts.
We avoid soups, desserts with sweet sauces and sweets because they will bring us the opposite flavor.

ByRaki flavor team

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