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The Dream book of Tsikoudia

Tsikoudia is good to enjoy it when we are awake, what happens when we dream of it? Our Dreamwriting Dictionary will give you information and help you discover what is hidden behind the symbols you dream of. TsikoudiaIf you dream that you drink tsikoudia means that in the next few days there will be some […]

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Better production, labelling and protection rules for spirit drinks

Better production, labelling and protection rules for spirit drinks: Council adopts new regulation The Council today adopted new rules aimed at clarifying and improving the legal framework setting out the definition, description, presentation and labelling of spirit drinks, including their use in other foodstuffs and the protection of geographical indications (GIs). The regulation will guarantee a clearer labelling of spirit drinks such […]

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ByRaki flavor Strawberry

ByRaki flavor team has created twenty-five different (25) recipes based on Raki – Tsikoudia Crete. The two recipes are Cretan Raki – Tsikoudia with Strawberry. The tension of alkohol is one of the key elements that make it different. The alcohol content is 16% and 25% vol alc. ByRaki flavor Strawberry XVI ByRaki flavor Strawberry […]

Alcoholic Beverage Cretan Tsikoudia History

Geographical Indication “Tsikoudia of Crete”

Marsh spirits in Crete have a Protected Geographical Indication “TSIKOUDIA of CRETE”. The competent authorities for such protection are the Ministry of Finance, the General Secretariat for Public Revenues, the General Directorate of the General State Chemical Laboratory and the Alcohol & Food Directorate. The geographical indication “Tsikoudia of Crete” is used for the marc […]

Alcoholic Beverage Cretan Tsikoudia History

The tsikoudia and the Minoan Period

The link of the geographical origin of “Tsikoudia Crete” started from the Minoan period, where Crete emerged as an important wine-producing region with excellent quality wines. The most ancient cultivated vineyard was found in the summer Minoan palace, in the archaeological site of Kato Zakros. Archaeological findings provide evidence that the art of distillation was […]