Alcoholic Beverage Cretan Tsikoudia History

Geographical Indication “Tsikoudia of Crete”

Marsh spirits in Crete have a Protected Geographical Indication “TSIKOUDIA of CRETE”. The competent authorities for such protection are the Ministry of Finance, the General Secretariat for Public Revenues, the General Directorate of the General State Chemical Laboratory and the Alcohol & Food Directorate.

The geographical indication “Tsikoudia of Crete” is used for the marc spirits produced in Crete. The geographical area must be the production process, from the distillation of the marc to the final preparation of the beverage and bottling.

With the geographical indication you protect and ensure the identity and quality of Cretan Tsikoudia as well as its reputation.

The provisions of the European Union “Tsikoudia Crete” was first registered as a geographical name in favor of Greece for the category “grape marc spirit” in Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 1576/89 and subsequently as a geographical indication in favor of Greece for this category of alcoholic beverages in Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 110/2008 which replaced Regulation (EEC) No 1576/89. Provisions of Greek Legislation. The production and labeling of Tsikoudia Crete beyond the EU provisions are also governed by the provisions of Greek national legislation on tsipouro / tsikoudia as listed in the following legislation:
-Law 2969/2001 “Ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products (Government Gazette 281 / A / 18-12-2001)
-Decision of the Minister of Finance3002475 / 383/0029 / 02-02-2010 “Operation of distilleries” (Government Gazette 162 / Β ‘/ 19-02-2010), which includes the procedures and formalities related to control.
-Decision of the Minister of Finance30 / 077/2131/2011 “Production and distribution of alcoholic beverages” (Official Gazette 1946 / Β / 31-8-2011), listing the specific national measures on geographical indications in general (Article 5, Part A) as well as the specific specifications of tsipouro / tsikoudia (Article 4, Part B)

According to Greek law, the geographical indication ‘tsikoudia’ and, by extension, the geographical indication ‘Tsikoudia of Crete” are traditionally used sales names and replace the sales name ‘grape marc spirit’. By way of exception, the use of the sales denomination “grape marc spirit” in the foreign language used shall be permitted for products intended either for dispatch to the other Member States of the European Union or for export to third countries where this indication helps to inform of the nature of the product.
As they appear in the TECHNICAL FILE TSIKOUDIA CRETE-19-2-15.


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