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The Dream book of Tsikoudia

Tsikoudia is good to enjoy it when we are awake, what happens when we dream of it?

Our Dreamwriting Dictionary will give you information and help you discover what is hidden behind the symbols you dream of.

Αυτή η εικόνα δεν έχει ιδιότητα alt. Το όνομα του αρχείου είναι KTP5279.jpg

If you dream that you drink tsikoudia means that in the next few days there will be some pleasant developments that will make you happy, laugh and feel much better! But if you see racism, you will soon make a fight.

If in your dream you see mature grapes, you will have progress in your work, happiness and tranquility in your home. If you eat damaged and sour grapes, you will be rushing with your superior to work. If you hit grapes to make a must, you will fight with people, but your anger will take a while.

If you dream that you are in a vineyard full of grapes then you will have very good financial gain. If you cultivate a vineyard you will get support from a person, if you eat grapes again you will get rid of the troubles you have.

Anyway, if you look at your harvest, it’s very good. You will have material and emotional successes.

If you dreamed a winegrower full of grapes, you would have happiness in your life, if you grapples waited for a rise in your finances.

If your dream barrel is full of wine, it awaits you with joy and success in your work. But if you see an empty barrel, it means you will get some disappointment.

Αυτή η εικόνα δεν έχει ιδιότητα alt. Το όνομα του αρχείου είναι 6-300x199.jpg

If you see in your sleep an empty cauldron, your efforts will be lost. If the dream cauldron is full, you will have joy and success.

And because Tsikoudia without mezes is not …

If you dream of burning charcoal you will be successful in your feelings. If you see them turned off, there will be barriers and delays in your professional or your feelings.

If you see your roast or uncooked meat in your sleep, you will be disturbed. If you cook meat, your job will go well and you will be successful.

If you see in your dream that you are cleaning potatoes, you will learn news that will give you joy. If you fry or eat potatoes you will have success and an increase in your finances.

If you dream in your dream of having a roast you will have profits, if you bake, watch because you are dealing with assumptions that will expose you, if you are a woman and you see that you eat roasted you will have peace in your home.

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