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What is distillation?

In Greece the marc spirits have different names depending on the place of origin, Tsipouro and Tsikoudia or Raki Crete.

The recipes in each of the above cases are different, as well as the varieties of grapes used. The process of distillation is the same in each of these cases.

What is distillation?

Distillation is the method by which the process is carried out the isolation of a liquid, at a specific boiling point, from a mixture.

1.Thermal source 2.Profile 3. Boiler 4. Cooler 5. Cooling water outlet (hot) 6. Cooling water inlet 7. Distillate collector 8. Distillation In figure 1 we see a stack and the distillate flow from 2 at 8.

The number 1 is the thermal source, the retort, which depending on the cases is wood, kernel or liquefied gas.

The number 2 is the pot which is placed the marc.

The number 3 is observed the point isolated from the marc, the ethyl alcohol.

The temperature at which the ethyl alcohol is isolated is at 78.32 ° C, while the water is 100 ° C.

At number 4 is the cooler of the distillation furnace which melts, where it becomes gaseous from the liquid form.

The cooler has an inlet 6 and a water outlet 5 to keep the temperature low.

Number 7 is the outlet of the distillery having the final result, the distillate.

Number 8 is the distillate storage tank.


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