Alcoholic Beverage Cretan Tsikoudia

Does Tsikoudia freeze?

We buy Tsikoudia and place it in the freezer and we see that crystals are formed.

Is the alcoholic beverage low quality or is it something else?

All alcoholic solutions and Tsikoudia have a freezing point. If the distillate is found at this point then the result is the above.

Tsikoudia’s coagulation point is about half the alcoholic grade below zero.

The temperature of a household freezer is about -18 degrees Celsius, while the professional at -25 degrees.

Having two alcoholic solutions
– Tsikoudia with 40% vol alc and
– Liqueur with 25% vol alc
the behavior we observe will be different in each case.

Tsikoudia is 40%, which we divide by 2 and we have a score of 20. So the result at zero is -20 ° C. Tsikoudia in a home freezer will be simply frozen in liquid form and in the professional will freeze as we pass the coagulation point.

The liqueur with 25% alcohol will have a freezing point of -12.5 degrees. This has the effect of freezing in both cases.

Important in the case of Tsikoudia is its proper storage. A distillate that has not closed the bottle lid will have an alcohol loss. When alcohol is lost from 40% to 34% then the clotting point changes and from -20 becomes -17, resulting in behavioral change and freezing in the household freezer.

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